Hiring an HR Consultant?

Important Things to Consider Before Hiring an HR Consultant

This month let’s consider what to look for when hiring a consultant.

Qualifications: In Alberta, you should be seeking an HR Consultant who holds their designation, Certified Professional Human Resources (CPHR), from CPHR-Alberta. CPHR ensures you are receiving quality HR advice. When checking the consultant’s directory, make sure it says CPHR. Are there other qualifications available? Absolutely, but they are not specific to Alberta. Eg. SHRM-SCP is the Society for Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional, this is an international organization and while membership is an asset it isn’t Alberta specific. Experience: The second thing to consider before hiring an HR consultant is to look for experience. Look at their CV or their LinkedIn profile. Have they worked in a variety of positions for different companies? The broader the background the more likely they can handle the unique situations that arise at your organization. Look at their previous projects: Looking for a new policy? Ask to see previous work and talk to others who have worked with them to see if they are a fit for you.

“It’s one thing to have an education it’s another to have experience and this lady has it all and then some! Great advice and mentorship, she is truly passionate about her career and it shows! Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do!!”

R.G. Grande Prairie–Facebook review

Area of Expertise: Is your consultant a ‘jack of all trades’ or do they have an area(s) that they prefer to work in. If they are a jack of all trades, do they have the work experience to back that up? An HR Generalist is just that someone who has experience in a variety of HR areas; hiring, onboarding, employee relations, terminations, policy development, etc. A recruiter typically does just that–recruits and their job ends when the person is hired. A Director of HR generally oversees other HR professionals and will direct the movement of HR for the organization but generally does not participate in the day to day activities.Upgrading: Is your consultant up on the latest practices and trends in HR? When was the last time they were in a classroom or received training? Are they helping to continually advance their chosen profession? Do they attend meetings or HR-related events? Are they part of CPHR? CPHR has a commitment to protect the public. Are you protected? Commitment: Lastly, the important thing to consider in HR is his/her level of commitment to you and their work. Will you be another ball they balance? Or will you receive the time and assistance you need to feel comfortable?  A great way to guarantee that commitment is to get your contract in place with your consultant for retainer services. Your consultant is then guaranteeing you the time you have requested and your work comes before new clients. Caseley Consulting is strictly an HR company. It’s all we do. Simply HR. Simple HR. Research your consultant. Ask questions. A good price isn’t a good price if the work is not of top quality. I hope this helps you in your search for a Human Resources Consultant. If you want to read more about choosing a consultant read one of the articles below.





Originally posted August 12, 2019

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