Top 5 Human Resources Resolutions for 2023

Many people set intentions or resolutions at the start of the year, and business owners are no different. If you want to improve your customer experience, start by improving your employee experience. Here are the top 5 ways to improve your workplace in 2023.


  • Build Company Culture
  • Update Hiring Practices
  • Prioritize employee well-being
  • Review your compensation package
  • Use technology to improve the employee experience

     Build Company Culture

    Culture starts at the top and works its way down, but that doesn't mean you can't get your team to help repair, rebuild or redesign the culture of your business. Check out this 47-second video by Geotab as they discuss areas that create culture. Geotab's Commitment to a Connected Culture - YouTube

     Update Hiring Practices

    Do you have job descriptions for all the positions in your business? When was the last time you updated the job descriptions of all the functions on your team? What does your hiring process look like? Do you have a hiring process? Candidates are expecting quality processes. Check out a few of our past blogs on recruitment, screening resumes, and screening resumes to get started. Blogs – Balanced Perspectives (

    Prioritize Employee Well-Being

    Two in ten Canadians have a mental health issue, but 10 out of 10 have mental health. It's difficult for small business owners to juggle days off when the team is small. Helping keep a good work-life balance for your staff will help keep them mentally and physically healthy. Albertans can access mental health support for free through EaseCare. Mental Health Support | EaseCare Medical

    Review your compensation package

    Compensation is more than money deposited into an employee's bank account. Look at all the different areas in your package and look for areas of improvement. Or, let us take a look for you. An outside opinion never hurts.

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    Use technology to Improve Employee Experience

    Invest in employee engagement

    With work-from-home replacing the in-office culture, it has become essential to maintain the same employee engagement rate for everyone. Existing employees might not have a problem interacting with their colleagues, but it might become challenging for newbies. Survey to find ways to engage employees; they don't all need to cost money. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter and get monthly ideas for engagement.

     Collect employee feedback and act on it

    It's important to take feedback from employees regularly. This doesn't mean that you should take only one piece of input per year. It's also essential to take exit feedback from employees quitting the organization. Why? That's because it would help the organization understand why they are leaving.

     Empower employees with an on-line Onboarding system.

    On-line onboarding will allow employees to reference company materials from virtually anywhere and reaccess them anytime to review the information. An HRIS can make onboarding smooth as well as provide a great communication tool

    Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows

    Every company uses different tools for various types of work. Automation can help you in solving these problems within seconds. Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows by connecting the devices you use.

    Provide on-line learning opportunities

    One of the best ways to improve your employees' experience is by providing suitable career growth opportunities. One way is by providing them access to courses from reputable learning platforms.


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