HR Products and Services

In most small businesses, the Owner is responsible for EVERYTHING, including Human Resources. We have a few great solutions to make Human Resources easier for you. 

1. Blocks of Time

HR Blocks mean you can pay for what you need now. Use it all now, or use it whenever you need it. Expert Help –  When You Need It! We get it; you usually take care of HR yourself. A few hours of professional advice will make that easier. 

2. Answered HR

Answered HR provides the paperwork and information to build great HR systems combined with ideas and innovations from other business owners, moderated by an HR professional with 20+ years of experience.

3. Quick Call

Quick Call is for the business owner who feels they have a solid understanding of human resources...but every once in a while, want to check on something. 

We answer your call, provide the balanced perspective you need, and quickly get you back to business.