Balanced Perspectives offers a variety of Human Resources services. The following list covers many, but not all of our services. If you are looking for an HR service that is not listed reach out. 

Employment Practices

  • Onboarding Processes and Orientation
  • Performance Management
  • Corrective and Disciplinary Action Plans
  • Employee Rewards and Incentive Programs
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Employment Separation (Terminations)
  • Exit Interviews

Employee Engagement & Retention Programs

  • Job satisfaction assessments
  • Internal process reviews and culture analyses
  • Planning of employee events and activities

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

  • Accurate  Job descriptions
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Process review
  • Top candidate sourcing
  • Interviewing and selection training
  • Strategies for employee onboarding
  • Employer Brand Building

Employee Handbook (Human Resources Manual/Policy & Procedures)

  • Creation of DEI procedures and policies to support workplace diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Anti-discrimination, harassment and violence policy implementation and training
  • Policy creation and implementation
  • Reader-friendly, organized and concise
  • Remove antiquated policies and ensure legally up-to-date
  • At-will disclaimers and other legally required/recommended provisions


  • Payroll services and recordkeeping
  • Employee classifications and overtime requirements
  • Compensation benchmarking and analysis

Employee Benefits

  • Employee benefits and insurance analysis
  • Workers Compensation Benefits

HR Audits and Assessments

  • Examine policies, procedures, systems, and overall functions
    Ascertain primary HR needs and areas creating legal risks\ Identify HR strengths/deficiencies, what needs improvement
  • Discuss HR best practices and update all HR documentation

 Legal and HR Compliance

  • Review federal and provincial employment regulations and ensure policies and practices compliant
  • Conduct HR compliance audits

Merger & Acquisition Support

Organizational Restructuring

Training & Development