Blocks of Time

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Balanced Perspectives is here to help.

Our HR Blocks mean you can pay for what you need now. Use it all now or use it whenever you need it.*

Expert Help –  When You Need It! We get it; you usually take care of HR yourself. A few hours of professional advice will make that easier. 

 Your HR Block can be used to: 

  • Write employment agreements, disciplinary warnings or dismissal documents, job descriptions, job ads and interview questions.
  • Update policies and procedures to stay in line with changes to employment legislation.
  • Advise handling an issue you’ve never had to deal with before (We’ve probably seen it before. We have over 20 years of experience.)
  • Checking references or conducting phone screens.
  • Research compensation and benefits for similar businesses.
  • Provide advice and walk you through the steps for any HR process from hire to retire.
  • Put us to work on your HR documents or issues, and we will devise solutions you can implement on your own. (Don't worry, we will coach you on how to do it.)

 Why buy a block of HR time?

  • We start learning about your business when you select an HR Block. We want to provide you with responses that fit you and your business.
  • More predictable expenses-you've already paid for the time when you use it.
  • Reduces stress by avoiding the hassle of sourcing whenever you have an issue or a question.
  • You get a company invested in your long-term success.

 What's the difference between the Blocks? 4-hours! We can accomplish more with the additional 4 hours, and you save. 

The small print. *HR Blocks are valid for 12 months. HR Block time is tracked by Balanced Perspectives based on actual time used. HR Blocks may be used in person in the Grande Prairie area for an additional 30 minutes of HR Block time.