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Helping Business Grow Solid Teams

Your product or service is in demand.

Your company is growing fast. It is anexciting time, but it can also be overwhelming.

Do you implement a handbook or hire your team first?

Should you have an offer letter or employment agreement?

Do you know what questions you legally can't ask in an interview?

Do you know where to start once you hire an employee?

Let Balanced Perspectives help guide you through the process-get it done right the first time.

Human Resources for everyone.

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Allowed me to focus on other things

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for over 20 years. Up until 2018 I had never
worked with Human Resources and was skeptical. Jennifer made it easy. She was able to take a lot of the hiring process off my plate and allowed me to focus on other things. I would recommend talking to Jennifer to see how she can
help your company.”

KRD - Operations Manager

Made our business more professional

 "As my business grew I knew I needed help on the HR side. Balanced Perspectives helped us with employment contracts, handbooks, etc. to make our business more professional. It feels good knowing we are doing things right, and I refer anyone who needs help to Jennifer."

Kris Waye, Grassroots Property ManagementAuthor's name

The team is approachable

We are beyond grateful that we met Jennifer & her team. Balanced Perspectives has been instrumental in the development of our policies, guidance on hiring, and everything HR related for our start-up. The team is very approachable, thorough, open to feedback and very easy to work with. We hope we’ll have more opportunities to work with Balanced Perspectives.”

Shannae, Care in a Pinch

Great mentor!

“Jennifer was a great mentor and was always willing to answer questions and discuss ideas. She is a wealth of knowledge and I relied heavily on her expertise. Jennifer’s management style is flexible and fun.”

Jennifer G, Parkland Fuel Corporation